The Veteran’s Administration recognizes the value and efficacy of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to treat a huge number of medical conditions. It can be utilized as the main therapy, or used as an adjunct treatment. This is important because it allows veterans seeking care through the Veterans Health Administration more opportunities to heal, and ultimately, thrive.

Veterans are most commonly referred to acupuncture for pain conditions, PTSD, opioid addiction or withdrawal and insomnia. However, acupuncture can be prescribed for many other health issues. Please refer to our services under acupuncture. 

A veteran must receive a referral from the VA in order to receive acupuncture treatment. This is usually requested or referred through your primary care physician or pain clinic and then approved by the VA.

Dr. Cynthia McMahon King, DACM is an approved provider for the VA and has serviced veterans for over 5 years in her private practice.