“I was treated by Dr King at The Healing Point for both SHINGLES and a SPRAINED ANKLE. I had never had acupuncture before and she made me feel comfortable, relaxed and explained everything she did before doing it. I truly felt that her treatment was a major component in reducing my NERVE PAIN caused by the Shingles. She also recommended a homeopathic remedy that I could utilize at home to assist in fighting the virus. These were vital in my recovery process, as pharmaceutical pain management strategies were not working. Dr King provided exceptional care to me at each visit and I would recommend her practice to any family member or friend.”

Meghan D.

“I have known Dr. King for over 20 years and am grateful for the HEALING TREATMENTS I always receive.”


“I have chronic long term FACIAL PAIN and INSOMNIA. Dr. King is great at helping me control these symptoms.”

Kathi O

“I tore my ACL skiing. My knee swelled to three times it’s size with bruising. In one session all the SWELLING went down and I could walk. By the 3rd session the injured leg felt lighter than my other.”


“When my wife was searching for treatments to battle BREAST CANCER, acupuncture was suggested. My wife was put in contact with Dr. King through The Virginia Thurston Healing Gardens. During one of the visits Dr. King noticed that I was having a problem while sitting. I had been dealing with SCIATICA PAIN for years. She told me that acupuncture could treat my condition. My spasms were becoming more frequent and lasting longer in duration. For years I had been treating my pain with prescription drugs with limited success. After witnessing firsthand how effective these treatments were in dealing with my wife’s symptoms, my decision to try acupuncture to treat my condition made perfect sense. The procedure was painless and the results almost immediate. That simple decision changed my quality of life moving forward. I continue to receive monthly treatments and have been occurrence free for the last 6 years.”

James E. Brink Sr.

“Having worked with Dr. King on a number of physical health issues that have appeared over time being resolved thanks to her skill and knowledge, I decided to try an ACUPUNCTURE FACE LIFT. After completing an initial group of sessions I started scheduling a follow up every 5-6 weeks. There was a gradual improvement in specific areas of my face that were concerning to me : wrinkles, blemishes, drooping skin. Even more importantly, I strongly feel that the more youthful elasticity in my skin and lack of wrinkles at my age are due directly to the treatments. I consistently receive compliments on my skin from professional practitioners and friends.”

Gretchen Henry

“My name is John. After 5 years of PLANTAR FASCIITIS pain I finally visited Dr. King at The Healing Point to give acupuncture a try. The results have been great. Dr. King treated not only my FOOT PAIN but also my MUSCLE & JOINT PAIN and FREQUENT HEADACHES.

I have had less than a handful of headaches in a year and a half compared to several every week. Dr. King has a genuine sense of caring as well as a great sense of humor.

Don’t procrastinate, put aside your skepticism and explore acupuncture therapy at The Healing Point.”

John R.

“I’ve seen Dr King for over a decade and she keeps me going at 100%. She helps me get better faster when I’m sick, she INDUCED LABOR for me, she ELIMINATED all of my SEASONAL ALLERGIES and so I no longer need medication from April-October! She is gentle, caring and excellent at what she does. I highly recommend trying out this natural way of healing.”

Lora Fickett